Puddle Jumping



There have been plenty of opportunities to explore the mysteries of a puddle this month: over 7 inches of rain in the first 2 weeks of December and no signs of letting up!

Some particularly sweet commentary during one splash session…

“Some clouds in this puddle mama.”

{Jump. Splash.}

“Clouds all gone mama!”


…reminded me of this particularly sweet poem:

The Puddle

I found a puddle yesterday

Not bigger than a minute;

And yet it was not very small

For all the sky was in it.

The puddle trembled in the wind,

Afraid that it might die.

You see, it was so proud to be

The mirror of the sky!

-Eleanor Jewett (1892-1955)



We graciously accepted when REI closed its doors and invited us all to #OptOutside this Black Friday.  (Check out their rad invite here).  In lieu of shopping aisles, we hit the woods, taking our souls on a shopping spree for some adventure and fresh air.  We never actually made it to the lake we set out to hike to.  {Hiking with kids here}.  There were plenty of trees to climb, tiny plants to admire, and even some snowballs to construct.  Success!
Thanks for a new post-Thanksgiving tradition, REI.